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Keep Posted

‘HotWngz’art by Eric Curran

Things have been slow, agonizingly slow.  Or maybe I just feel that way. Sometimes I feel like the universe is on me, and other times I feel like it’s put me on hold. Spun me to the far end of my energy pool, it likes to do that before it snaps me into some other kind of current. I got an email from my good peer Eric today, he asked me if I had noticed any odd synchronicities lately.  At the time I read his message I got this gut feeling that I should wait to reply, but I’ve been waiting on messages lately. I hate waiting for messages. So I wrote him back, let him down. Of course a few hours later Im out on my bike with the fam and things start to fall in place. We go to the park and the scene reflects the same things we just saw on netflix. A group of men speaking a middle east language and enjoying food, smoke and talk. On the way home I spot something very unusual. There is this particular spot under the pine-trees near this picture I’ve posted.  And just then, at the right time of day, the sun light breaks through a rectangular drain spout, beams across the parking lot and creates a perfect circle of light in the middle of two huge hexagram cement tiles.   Perfect portal.   Of course I spent too much time trying to photograph Eric’s sweet pin-up art on this sticker of ‘Retro Force’s HotWngz’ to catch the portal. By the time I got over there the sun hit the pine needles and made more of a Bert circa Sesame St shape, complete with hair.   You can check out the sticker art and other great pieces of Eric’s here.  And if I play my cards right I should have some other things to share in the semi-near future.


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