I’ve been talking about reality maps a lot as of late. As a magical concept they’re used to diagram and explain where realms and thought forms exist.  This form of map making is really good for expressing things without set variables, creating a perspective that a simple time line or geographical location might not. The idea is to map out the areas that connect universes realms and all other constructs in a way that shows a relativity to a reader.  Reality maps are also a great way to convey tons of information in a very concise way, communicating directly to the subconscious mind.  I recently made a rudimentary reality map of the Capricorn Comix universe and thought it would be a good idea to share it here. This map will hopefully clarify a lot loose ends as I keep building and expanding the narrative of capricorn comix.  I also wanted to throw down a quick list of the Capricorn Comix goals for 2014-2015. Complete The KnightHarsher Annual, next issue of YP: Summer Slammer/Knight Harsher#9 and Retro Force #11 before the end of the year as well as move into the trading card zone.  Hopefully start uploading some webisodes of YouthPool, made for TV before fall.   TTYL



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