YouthPool: Charlotte NC


Now that we have all of this film clogging up the hard drive, and knowing that we’ll probably not get into the green screen stage for a few weeks it’s safe to say that it might be a soft while before we get viewable content together.  I’m  very happy with what we have filmed  and I’m feeling very confident about this project. I haven’t fully admitted to myself how long producing a special for Public Access programing has been a dream of mine until this afternoon while I was looking through our footage. I know there is a lot of work ahead, and I believe that for me personally this project will be deeply rewarding.  I really have been so blessed to have the people in my life that are so talented and gifted in so many way, willing to help me bring this  film together.  Ama has been awesome acting as the Curse, and carting me around town dressed as the Feral.  She also patiently edits all of my videos with me.  As we’ve  started putting vlogs together this past year I’ve learned to trust her editing skills. I couldn’t be luckier.  I’m also lucky enough that Eric has agreed to score this production. He has already created a massive intro track for the show, and there’s going to be so much more work that I’ll be asking him to do.  That’s about like asking Leprechaun for his pocket watch, wallet and chain too.  Eric lives hours away and is busy creating his own comics and music. As well a dear friend to our family, David has agreed to help us produce our SPFX content in after effects. David lives on the other coast, his experience in the coast guard and his passion for photography  have also sent him down the path of video editing. Without David we gotta figure something else out.  I feel so much gratitude for my friends and their abilities.  Without a doubt our finished film is going to be something really special, I’m already beginning to feel it.  Thank you guys, I think this is the coolest thing, I cannot wait to share it.


2 thoughts on “YouthPool: Charlotte NC

  1. Can’t wait to get started…

  2. Hey… If you think, or look, back… You’ve seemed to hit some stale spots… But from my point of view, with all the work you’ve done… The Capricorn has had a pretty good year… And we’re only half way through… Plus… With all that’s building… I think that you’ll soon see that it’s really going to just keep getting better… I ain’t sayin’ it won’t get rough here and there, but you know… It’s really cool to see this all coming together, man… Let’s ride the waves, yo…

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