Moving into Position.

Chantilly Legend

Recently I finished working on a Summer Slam flip-book. It contains Knight Harsher #9, some RetroForce collage ,a little spotlight on theFlag. And a YouthPool story inspired by a set of Djinn I made in the studio a few months ago when I was searching for ideas for the public access special. Speaking of witch, the deadline for production is coming up very strong! Actually, I have a meeting scheduled next week to discuss my program details with the channel 21 gatekeepers. I want to confess that I haven’t gelled well with the channel 21 crew in the past and Im tickled to death about having to set with this crowd and discuss my program’s details. A year ago or so I was scrolling through the channels late at night and was lucky enough to catch some Public Access rap video  footage of a local strip club. I’ve tried to imagine what his meeting was like to boost my confidence. I can do this!

So, here’s the deal with this photograph: I’ve been really into doing this kind thing lately, taking the whole reality map diagram design and applying it to site specific creative sprawling.  This particular map illustrates where I am in this universe. The stone on the red ring is Hearth studio, the bottle cap represents me. As you can see Hearth is located right on the cusp of the Capricorn Comix realm and Charlotte NC. And Im right in the vesica piscis of the two. It is my thinking that this will be true no matter where the bottle cap should lay if you know what I mean.  Charlotte is located on the red dot, that represents earth, and the little hunk of glass that is setting on the same plane as earth represents the near and present multiverse.  I’ve been doing this kind of thing with sticks, dirt and rocks. Various local detritus. I recommend everyone to give this a try. It’s a lot of fun and enhances your conscious elasticity.


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