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Twos and Threes

KP's portable alter board.

KP’s portable alter board.

ACE was this past weekend. I got a really good feeling seeing some of the other artist that I’ve been getting to know. This particular expo is starting to feel like a home base. I sold my usual handful of comix, totally scored great swag for myself also. The cosplay folks were awesome and the weather was fantastic this year. On a whole this was my favorite tabling experience.  Now that it’s over Im a little depressed. Other than the public access special and a few comix projects I haven’t made any plans for Capricorn Comix.  It’s going to be a wintery winter and Im official in hibernation mode.



the Feral

If I could say one thing about the YP:QueenCity, public access 21 project. The word would be Mogwai. In that it has been every bit as thrilling as hosting a late night pizza party and water fight with Gizmo. In concept totally rad, in reality a lot of gremlins. We’re gonna get on top of this, save our Giz and make better choices from now on. No more late night pizza, no more water fights with Mogwai. We ‘re ready to wrap this thing up.  It’s time capricorn brought to focus back home to the comix.  The KH:Annual is up next.  I’ll be doing my best to bring back some of the ‘Bastards’ style that everyone has been asking about. If anyone is into ARGs I would like to share my ‘open beta phase’ of KPD:III. It’s already up and running, please contact me if you want details. It’s kind of back room thing, I’ll be working on it from here on out without  referring to it. So, in the meantime I’ll keep trying to upload to the Online Sketch Book until ACE.