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Multi-Media & the Public Domain


Hearth Studio

I haven’t said much about this really radical paper-net I’ve been submitting to or how I’ve been reaching out to other contributors for trades and catalog info. Consequently I’ve been collecting a mountain of sweet swag in the mail.  It is so cool when another artist will trade with you. I got this awesome package the other day that sent me dancing around the kitchen. I’ve been so inspired by the creative wealth that is being shared with me, that concepts have started coming together much more quickly.  I’ve had a desire to use some Public Domain characters in a Capricorn Story for a long time, never really thinking up the right expression. Until now that is, I finally had THE IDEA! I’m totally going to make the craziest multi-media book that can be imagined. It will include a set of battle trading cards to go with it. I’m also going to try to incorporate some photographic elements from actually locations around the city. It’s still too soon to say what else I’m going to try to do with this particular project but it’s not to soon to say that Im getting some help to pull it all off.  I was rambling about my story ideas with my friend Steven the other day when he suddenly blurted out the magic word that gave me the confidence to commit to this new project. I’ve asked him to stick around and help me. Together I think we’ll make some really interesting material to support this mega-media book. For now there is no title but Im playing with a few names.

In Media

curse 10.19.14

Nothing like a good piece of interesting trash (aka Social Detritus ) to inspire the wandering artist. Every now and then I have to go for a long walk. I like to look for messages, inspiration or coincidental significance in everything. Here is a little example of some things I found and brought home yesterday. The crumpled and overlaid magazine page reminded me of some of the work I’ve been doing in YouthPool and in my WitchWork in the studio. The plastic lighter reminded me of the public domain characters that I have become fond of, such as the Flag. Finding these things was a really cool experience for me and I hope that I can use them to help craft another layer dimension to my ongoing projects.

New Moves


Morning Blaze 0.5

A while back I  watched this quirky video about making zine’s, this guy makes an eight page zine out of one piece of paper. I’ve seen this before but thought it was a poor design choice because you loose half of the page to make these booklets. But I  couldn’t put this method out of my mind.  If only I could think of a way to use that back side of the page. As the story goes I made a handful of comix and finished my first Zine before an idea would come to me. But it has! Duh, you can put anything in there. You can even write a letter, or hide a message. It’s not blank space, it’s storage space! Originally I had no intention of rushing another Morning Blaze into production, I figured I would make another this summer. But I still had all of these materials left over and I had this concept I wanted to take on, thus Im happy to present MB.5  my first true mini.  …So I issue a challenge to the community; “ Make one, match me.” Watch the video link and make one and I’ll trade you strait up.

Youth Pool: Queen City (replay)

Youth Pool has been scheduled for:
 Wednesday, December 24th @ 11:30 PM
If anyone missed the original airing on Halloween Night,
catch the tail end of Saturnalia with YouthPool!
On Charlotte Public Access Channel 21.