New Moves


Morning Blaze 0.5

A while back I  watched this quirky video about making zine’s, this guy makes an eight page zine out of one piece of paper. I’ve seen this before but thought it was a poor design choice because you loose half of the page to make these booklets. But I  couldn’t put this method out of my mind.  If only I could think of a way to use that back side of the page. As the story goes I made a handful of comix and finished my first Zine before an idea would come to me. But it has! Duh, you can put anything in there. You can even write a letter, or hide a message. It’s not blank space, it’s storage space! Originally I had no intention of rushing another Morning Blaze into production, I figured I would make another this summer. But I still had all of these materials left over and I had this concept I wanted to take on, thus Im happy to present MB.5  my first true mini.  …So I issue a challenge to the community; “ Make one, match me.” Watch the video link and make one and I’ll trade you strait up.


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