Recent Haul


Hi everyone.  Back in 2014 I mentioned getting lots of mail from other self publishers involved in a paper-net comunity. I’ve been writing postcards and requesting trades for other comix or zine’s that I think look really cool. I’m thrilled that the flow has continued! I’ve got a nice stack of new mail here, my most recent reply looks promising.  With the exception of my friend Curtis Talley’s Realest Lame, these awesome books would have totally missed my radar. The quality of work and craftsmanship of these small publications has really inspired me to continue to refine my own craft. Recently I’ve been finishing up the long-discussed KnightHarsher Annual and have been working feverishly on issue ten of the same title. I’ve had the cover and supporting art on the back burner for a while. Im finally at a point where I feel like the plan is working. Earlier today I had coffee with my friend, Steven and we hammered out the plot of RetroForce #12. In the hours that I haven’t been able to spend actually drawing comix I’ve been trying to encourage new artist to provide bonus art of the characters. This may be the last full issue of RetroForce I do for a while and I want to give it a really good send off.


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