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Artist Process

“Imagine your thoughts becoming colored smoke as you exhale,” I’m not sure who said it, but it stuck with me. I was working on RetroForce at the time and an Image of Diamond Back formed in my mind. I could see him sitting on a lake bed, peacefully breathing out long strands of pink smoke, his thoughts coiling and bubbling to the surface. I tried to recreate it as a collage on a huge sheet of paper. I liked the image so much I thought I would use it as a color cover for the next issue of RetroForce, but I put a huge crease in it when I was folding it up in the scanner. I was horribly disappointed but unable to let the image go. ACE* was only a few weeks away so I made it into a postcard. It’s always nice to have something to set out for free on the table. A few weeks after the convention I noticed the obvious typo on the back. Before words come to mind I recall the slight sound of the gloss varnish cracking as I folded the collage in half and smashed it down on the scanner. In a span of 5 minutes I had ‘ruined’ a piece of art and decided to make a postcard out of it, I didn’t even look at what I was typing before I okayed the print command. Now a month after the fact I have 60 imperfect clones left over, as the weeks pass I try to ‘fix’ it. First trying some more paint and tape for texture, then a label. I changed the label’s color and then started adding stickers. If I had mailed someone one of the regular ones before, I felt compelled to mail them a touched-up version. I’ve only got about 30 of these left now, all in different states of repair. And that’s how it is sometimes, you work on it until you are done. I’m printing a new postcard next month.

*ACE: Asheville Comic Expo

Wordless Wednesday.