May Day


"To Mexico!" -B. the Brute.

“To Mexico!” -B. the Brute.

Edward the Dream and Brutus the Brute, the Bastards of the Infinite. I hadn’t seen this illustration since I made it roughly six years ago. Kris emailed it to me the other night, I think he’s starting to get nostalgic for the old work. We’ve discussed re-presenting the series a few times, but haven’t made any plans.

I hope to have the next issue of RetroForce completed this month, I’m really proud of what I have together now, I can’t wait to get it printed. I’ve been really inspired by all the good mail I’ve been getting from the CopyThis! community, I think it’s starting to show in the work I’ve been doing recently. I’m definitly developing a deeper appreciation for constructive communication.


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