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RetroForce #12

Capricorn Comix Presents: RetroForce#12

Capricorn Comix Presents: RetroForce#12

I was up late last night gluing dozens of bug-eyed, little green worms of various styles and sizes to the cover of this issue. It was time consuming and cutting each one out was meticulous. It had to be done though.  I’ve often said that the cover image is the first thing that comes to me. Before I even know what the story will be about. In fact the backup feature wasn’t even meant to be in this book. So many things took shape and changed during the making of Issue 12 of RetroForce. For instance, this is the final issue of the title as a stand alone digest. From now on RF will continue in the pass of KnightHarsher/RetroForce.  I don’t want to spoil anything about the contents other than there is a good deal of awesome contribution art, and each issue has been stuffed with 2 character fliers with trading card type stats on the back. -I had them made for my SPACE table but figured it would be a shame not to slip them in here also. – Last word on the subject, I’m really happy with final product.

*Caprichronology; In issue #11 the Diamond-Back story ends TBC.  If you line up my postcards from that page to the cover of this issue you’ll be creating part two of that story.