Many Returns

HUZZAH! SPACE was so good for me. I had a fantastic trip to Columbus, learned so much from my experience at the Billy Ireland museum, my appreciation for my art form, and it’s role in our culture has grown tenfold. I have seen the effects of good art on individuals and their greater community. Totally rad. The expo was also amazing! I have never in my life been surrounded by so much good and original art/stories. It was overwhelmingly nurturing. Outside of the tabling experience I braved up and was social, some great friends* invited me out and consequentially in. I finally feel like I’ve found my people. (LoL) Like Im part of society. I’ve got to say I’ve had some real lonesome thoughts over the years doing what I do, now at least for the time being I’ve got a sense for what things can be like when it’s going good. I made some new friends and learned more about the ones I already had.  Thank you universe for propelling me to SPACE!

I had anticipated vloging about my trip to SPACE!, however I didn’t really film anything. To my pleasant surprise a group called GingerKittyManifesto did film, and they made an awesome video.

( I’m even in it a little bit.)

* Blake Werts and Jason Young, gentlemen and scholars both.


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