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Comic Release

RetroForce#13 & SquadCar#2 @ Common Market in plaza-midwood 28205

RetroForce#13 & SquadCar#2 @ Common Market in plaza-midwood 28205

RetroForce is back with a lucky #13 as well I present SquadCar #2. Collectors beware there are only a handful of the first issue left in my archive. I’ve painstakingly kept some SnakeBite paired with them, you can thank me later. These comix are loaded with collaborative grit. RF features stories by Jason Young & Luke Herr. The ever talented Mandy Anders of thebookofnosferatu even ‘Jammed’ in, her pencils brought life to a watery clone of SaraDaft featured in Luke’s story Diffusive Reaction. SquadCar boast the art of myself and Steve Myers as well as a fantastic origin of SquadCar story written and drawn by Jason Young. Jason and I produced ‘Jam’ style alternative covers for this one too! Huzzah. Don’t worry alliterative covers are printed on the inside b-side so no one misses out.

In other news I recently participated in an awesome production of Nosferatu in the NoDa neighborhood and had a blast. I was fortunate enough to involve myself in designing and creating art for the playbill. I feel compelled to express, this was a deeply inspiring experience. Here is what has been said about the play and myself:

“-Joseph Tenney gets a similar pass as Knock, Orlok’s man in Hutter’s hometown, though there’s already a craziness in his eyes worthy of the insect-eating Renfield, Stoker’s most oddball creation.” -Tannenbaum