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Figure Count?

Team Shirt

Above is the lovely Ama Rose modeling a fresh 90’s style RetroForce team-shirt. If you’re thinking, ‘that’s my style’ contact me to find out how you can get your own shirt without paying me at all for it.  The team-shirt is not the only thing hitting the streets this week, keep your feelers out for RetroForce#19, debuting at the CM per usual. This issue features a bombastic pin-up piece by Brian Leonard. It also features some amazing interior page work by J.T. Wilkins, of the most vibrant thinktankrx.

I’ve been waiting for a while to introduce J.T. into the mix and I hope I can manage to keep him around for a while, we’ve been discussing some semi-major buzz for a minute or two now. Some of you have been introduced to Phase Resistant, for those who have not I’ve posted a few pieces of drafting to the online sketch book and I still have a few copies of the mini* left, wedged between my x-men essential volumes in the office. I’ll be taking some time to myself in the near future to hone in on my narration and present the work as a finalized digest title. I’ve got lots of ideas, included a P.O.Box so new fans can write in and weigh in on this brand new, true to life journey as it unfolds.


* titled: Phase Resistant (Rough)