Monthly Archives: May 2016

By the Numbers

I didn’t feel like standing in the lines today to celebrate FCBD, happily however, I did manage to coincided my latest publication release.

The Amazing Right Arm takes on the statues of Tryon & Trade in the ultra bright ‘lemon’ pages of the latest issue of Knight Harsher. Also, the GreenMask returns in the previously unreleased KH #1!

( Hold up, what you talking about?)

Maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe hadn’t, at this point it no longer maters. Since 2012 there had been no issue #1 of Knight Harsher in the catalogue. That’s because I packed away the comic before I finished it & didn’t touch it again until I hit a slump last month. It’s a quick TBC story featuring my version of a public domain character of the same name. Of course I’ve already featured the next chapter in the GreenMask saga as part of a flip book that has been in the catalogue this whole time.