A Furlough

-lost ending to the never released Youth Pool summer special.



I hid a ‘heads up’ in my April post. My art was chosen for the cover of the Soda Killers zine. If anyone is interested in picking up a copy, I highly recommend Nate’s zine.  He’s also a pretty chill cat to do some art for. I also had some fan art printed on the back cover of Floyd Lewis’ Dart Girl mini. He also used it for the back inside cover of his Mega Con Fan Art mini. Hit up is webpage and check out his youtube channel for more Dart Girl. 

rambling recapitulations

Heads up, Squad Car #3 anticipated June release.

Copy This! #34


Near the tail end of October I was asked if I would be willing to interview for the December issue of CopyThis!. Of course I was all over it.  My monthly subscription to CT!  Has long since become a highlight & life line to an amazing community of comics and zine publishers. Since I discovered this ultra roots, off line networking zine I have always enjoyed the massive interviews. Each month another well seasoned contributor does the covers and spills their guts about themselves and why they make comics, ect. I’m very honored to be able to add to the continuing dialogue.

Youth Pool, tomorrow night @ 11:30 pm on Charlotte Public Access ch.21


Youth Pool: Queen City airs tomorrow night  Oct.28th @ 11:30 pm only on Charlotte public access channel 21.


Retro Force volume one is concluded with todays debut of issue 20. This milestone is what I was working toward when I started the title back in 2012. It has been a strange, humbling, experience. The future of the title is in limbo for now. All discussions of rebooting the title for a second volume have yet to solidify into anything on the calendar & I’ve decided to cancel the Knight Harsher / Retro Force, combo title I started printing in 2015. However, there are still several ongoing plots that I have a feeling will work their way into print elsewhere.

13 taps on the bell.


Celebrate independence today, shirk patronage to corporate media & pick up the third issue of KnightHarsher/RetroForce. Lot’s of great  art contributions from the Capricorn Comix community, if you’ve been collecting I would not recommend letting this one slide under the radar. Limited supplies per usual, availability via usual channels.

By the Numbers

I didn’t feel like standing in the lines today to celebrate FCBD, happily however, I did manage to coincided my latest publication release.

The Amazing Right Arm takes on the statues of Tryon & Trade in the ultra bright ‘lemon’ pages of the latest issue of Knight Harsher. Also, the GreenMask returns in the previously unreleased KH #1!

( Hold up, what you talking about?)

Maybe you’ve noticed, or maybe hadn’t, at this point it no longer maters. Since 2012 there had been no issue #1 of Knight Harsher in the catalogue. That’s because I packed away the comic before I finished it & didn’t touch it again until I hit a slump last month. It’s a quick TBC story featuring my version of a public domain character of the same name. Of course I’ve already featured the next chapter in the GreenMask saga as part of a flip book that has been in the catalogue this whole time.