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It’s There.

ypdone We took our program to the studio this morning, paper work filled out and DVD in hand. The torched has been passed to the capable hands of the operations manager and we should hear back from him in about 2 weeks with our official air date.  In the meantime we’ll be trying to come up with a 30 sec commercial. I’ve also agreed to be interviewed on a Public Access student produced show, Im totally going in character as the Feral, should be a lot of fun.

*The official air date is Friday Oct.31st at 11:00pm, Happy Halloween Charlotte.

Blood Moon

The Witch Hunt

The Witch Hunt

So a while back Eric created a fantastic  pin-up piece for the Retro Force annual,  I had asked him to bring some more life to a character, Hot-Wngz.  He had taken my prompt and replied to it beyond my expectation. The image really spoke to me . And after a while I felt a strong need to create a variation to it’s color theme. Eric is a talented colorist, his mastery of photoshop is undeniable.  Im still working with wet medium, so I had to print out a large reproduction of the image’s line work and paint over it with acrylic paints.  Afterwards Eric overlaid the line work again. Some nuances where lost in the process but the end product was something neither of us would of created from our own taste. The collaboration came about more as an afterthought. I decided to create a flier to promote collaboration among indie artist and use the results of our collaboration as the image on the backside. Somehow, this guy named Tom who host a local Cartoon Club got a hold of a flier and contacted both Eric and myself.  I’ve started going to the club meetings since then and have really started to enjoy it. This past club meeting our homework was to apply what we have learned about Silhouettes in our own work.  The image above is my answer to that.  It’s not every day that I have a readily available one-pager to share and I thought today would be a good day to share it.  In other news, we’re about 4 days a way from my self imposed deadline for the YouthPool: QueenCity public access special. So much has changed since the projects inception, and Im proud to say that all of the collaborations that have formed while creating this film have brought new life to what was once only a dream of mine.  Thank you for keeping up with the dialogue.  I’ve just figured out that if you subscribe, bellow, you get an email version of future post as I make them. If you like instant updates please subscribe. It’s neat.