Monthly Archives: April 2014

Diorama Dude.



I’ve been working with the idea of Shadow Boxes.  I want to start incorporating them into some of my Abstract Atmospheric paints I’ve been doing on the side.  Im trying to develop a solid theme and portfolio for an instillation show.  In the mean time I like to fall back into what I know, and love. COMIX. So I present ‘Retro Hive’ my first piece for the ‘Capricorn Collection’… May use them as props for the Public Access Special, definitely gonna bring this to ACE.


Hold the Presses.


A vital breakthrough in the Capricorn universe was made. It is at this time that I will apply complete focus on the path opening ever-long into the horizon. Things will appear absolutely normal to the drowsy observer, a thick atmosphere of activity mimics the spring air. Everything is alive and connected. The pieces have been on the board for so long, shifting in the sands, now uncovered.









I can’t believe my first super-suit came in a ziplock bag! And it’s awesome! This is a momentous occasion, Im now infinitely closer to filming for my live action show for Public Access Channel 21.  I’ve been working on the plot and props with all of my spare time. I’ve been very lucky to be so busy! Hopefully I’ll find some time to get back to pencil and paper soon. The suit’s not complete yet. I still need to get a mask and utility belt made. I’ve come up with a rad concept, using Sumo Dude’s pog slammers as ‘Feral Flingers’. I anticipate loading six of these aluminum disk of justice in the belt along with a pouch for my ID and trading cards.