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Here it is Community! A couple years ago I made a commitment to keep RetroForce in print. I’m happy to say that I think issue eleven is one of the finest additions to the series. Great as a stand alone issue and if you’re a first timer this one’s probably a good place to test the water. The bonus features also happen to feature main characters from my other two regular titles. Being a true Capricorn first, the Morning Blaze zine is also completed. Twenty pages of collage and multi contextual imagery as well as some short text. I’ve done my best to convey some high brow magical concepts as well as a few spells and mediation techniques in one collaged and embellished zine. Of course I’ve done a few illustrations in the work also, but not in my usual ‘comic book’ style. This is a little bit more personal. I’ve also taken a cue from other zine-masters and formatted the back so this can be mailed as is! I’ve already sent a few out so it’s official in circulation! Of course you don’t have to mail your books this way but I personally feel that the stamps, torn seals and funky postal print add a genuine sense of the ephemeral. This print run is numbered. Sigh, something I wish I would of taken the time to have done when I started. You’ll just have to take me on word when I say that all runs are ceremoniously capped at low numbers.


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